How to Keep Your Porta Potties from Tipping Over

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Porta potties are non-negotiable when you’re hosting outdoor events. To keep guests happy (and on the premises), there needs to be a safe, clean place for them to use the restroom. That’s why it’s so important to keep your portable restrooms from tipping over—and it’s not just because that’s a health hazard and an unpleasant mess. It can also cause serious injuries if someone is inside the portable toilet when it tips over.

Here’s how to keep your porta potties secure and prevent tip-overs in Reading, PA:

  • Always choose level ground: The easiest way to keep your porta potties upright is to place them on stable, level ground. The ground needs to be dry, as damp soil, sand or dirt can shift and cause tip-overs. To that end, make sure that you consider the land before and after a rainfall—if it’s no longer stable, find another place. You should also avoid placing the portable toilets next to curbs. Not only are they a tipping hazard, but they can present a tripping hazard for your guests.
  • Keep the porta potties in sight: Obviously, it’s important to keep your portable restrooms in clear view so your guests can find them (and make a beeline for them when necessary). Keeping your potties in sight also allows you to keep an eye on the restrooms, and deter would-be pranksters or vandals from trying to tip them over. The more people nearby, the less likely someone will consider them ripe for a crime of opportunity.
  • Use buildings and other structures for support: This is especially important when you’re hosting an outdoor event in windy weather. Placing your porta potties against stable, sturdy buildings, walls and other structures helps support the porta potties and keeps them from blowing over. You can also place the toilets next to each other in a row for added support.
  • Use stakes when possible: Whenever possible, use the specially-designed stakes made to secure your porta potties to the ground. It protects the restrooms during high winds and makes it harder for people to purposely tip them over.
  • Hire security after hours: Finally, if your event spans the course of several days, hire security to keep an eye on the premises after hours. People might not try any funny business during the day when other people are around, but may feel more comfortable doing so at night. Having a reliable security guard protecting your porta potties in Reading, PA will help prevent any nasty surprises in the morning.

Keeping your porta potties upright is a matter of good placement, securing them to the ground and making sure someone keeps an eye on them at all times. Taking these precautions ensures that your event will go off without a hitch.

For porta potty rental and security tips in Reading, PA, reach out to the team at Scotties Potties. We provide clean, safe portable restrooms and handwashing stations for your outdoor events, and will help you find the safest locations to place them.

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