Porta Potty Placement Tips: Avoid the Rain

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Can you use porta potties in the rain? Where should you place them when your outdoor event suddenly includes a storm watch? As much as we try to predict good weather, rain and storms can throw a wrench in our plans. If you can’t reschedule your event, here’s how to keep porta potties out of the rain in Reading, PA.

What if a storm hits when I’m inside?

If it starts raining or hailing or you notice lightning and thunder while you’re using a porta potty, you can usually stay inside to finish up before you make a run for shelter. The only exception is if the wind makes it seem like the porta potty will tip over while you’re still inside—in that case, finish quickly and get out right away. Being inside a porta potty when it tips over can cause serious injury.

Can porta potties be hit by lightning?

Naturally, lightning is unpredictable and can hit just about anything, but porta potties aren’t the kind of structure that naturally attracts electricity. They’re low-profile structures made of plastic, which makes them grounded—much like how your car is safe in a storm because of the rubber tires. It’s always best to get to a more stable structure in a lightning storm, but porta potties aren’t inherently dangerous.

Of course, where the porta potties are placed makes a difference—if yours is the only structure in the middle of a flat, open area, it will be more likely to be hit. However, if you’re in the middle of buildings, trees or other structures, it’s less likely to suffer any damage from a lightning storm.

Where can I place porta potties to avoid rain?

When you’re planning an event, good placement is key. Look for flat, stable ground that can support the structure. Dirt, mud, grass and sand can all shift during or after rainfall, creating a serious tipping hazard. Whenever possible, place porta potties on pavement (but not on or near curbs). If wind is in the forecast, make sure you use stakes to secure them to the ground, or place against a sturdy wall for additional support. Placing porta potties in a row can also provide stability, particularly during a storm.

Note that if you place your portable restrooms on the dirt or grass, mud can prevent the porta potty rental company from being able to drive through the grounds to retrieve or service the toilets. Weather is a major factor in your event’s success for multiple reasons, but most people forget this one.

Most importantly, if rain is in the forecast, find a sheltered location for your portable restrooms. Rain can get in through the door and vents, making it a wet and unpleasant experience overall.

For safe, clean and affordable portable restrooms at all kinds of outdoor events and worksites, the team at Scotties Potties delivers. Call us today to book your rental and get more tips for keeping porta potties out of the rain in Reading, PA.

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