How We Safely Dispose of Porta Potty Waste

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At some point in your life, you were probably curious about how porta potties are emptied. The process doesn’t simply involve snapping your fingers and making the waste magically disappear. Porta potty waste removal has many steps that sanitation workers repeat on a daily basis all across Reading, PA.

Septic trucks

Porta potties are emptied a lot more frequently than you might think. Even though porta potties have a large capacity, their bins are only allowed to be partially filled. A sensor is mounted along the wall and indicates when sanitation workers have to empty the bin. It’s a much more discreet way of monitoring the waste levels than peering down into the tank!

The safest method for porta potty waste removal is to hire a certified team of professionals. Sanitation workers arrive in a septic truck and attach a hose to the portable toilet’s output hole. The hose vacuums waste from the bin into the septic truck’s holding tank. This tank is large enough to carry waste from a whole fleet of units.

Some porta potty rental companies partner with a team of sanitation workers and guarantee they’ll stop by after your event. However, not all companies include this service in the rental agreement. Event and construction managers might have to schedule porta potty waste removal on their own. Make sure to inquire about this before signing the contract.

Treatment plants

Once the porta potties are empty, sanitation workers transport the waste to a treatment plant in Reading, PA. Treatment plants are also where sewage systems deposit waste that comes from the city. Sanitation workers use microbes to decompose human waste and process it. These microbes are crucial for safely removing waste because they eat bacteria that cause deadly illnesses.

Sanitation workers neutralize the toxicity of human waste until it becomes treated water. In the final stage, this treated water is released into a nearby river or ocean. The treatment process is necessary so waste doesn’t pollute the environment and become a health hazard.

Disinfectant and refills

The question shouldn’t just be how porta potties are emptied. Sanitation workers have to clean them, too! After septic trucks haul waste to a treatment plant, each portable toilet needs a good rinse before the next customer. Workers spray the floor, walls and toilet seat with disinfectant. The rental company will then pack up the units and transport them to another event or construction site in Reading, PA.

When the porta potties arrive at their new destination, sanitation workers refill the bins with a blue chemical that kills bacteria and keeps it smelling fresh. They also stock each porta potty with new paper towels, toilet paper and hand sanitizer. After these finishing touches, the porta potties are ready to be used once more.

Don’t let a filthy portable toilet become a bad memory for your guests. Instead, rent your portable toilets from the sanitation experts at Scotties Potties. We follow a strict cleaning regimen to provide you a safe, enjoyable restroom experience. Check out our selection of porta potties and let us know how we can accommodate you.

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