How Many Porta Potties Do You Need for Your Event?

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Before you host an outdoor gathering, you need to calculate how many porta potties you should rent. There are several factors to consider in order to get the number of portable toilets just right. Keep reading for tips on how to estimate your total necessary porta potty rental. If you have additional questions, reach out to a local rental company in Reading, PA.

Attendees and length of the event

How many porta potties you should rent depends on the number of attendees and how many hours the event will last. As an example, one portable toilet can accommodate up to 50 people if your event is scheduled to last for four hours. Double that guest list, and you’ll need two units.

The number of porta potties you should rent per person goes up for longer events. For instance, an outdoor soccer game might draw 100 spectators and last only two hours. That means you only need two portable toilets. But if 100 people attend an all-day music festival, bump up your rental to four.

It can get pretty complex attempting to estimate your total necessary porta potty rental. Some outdoor events attract tens of thousands of patrons and last multiple days! Thankfully, lots of rental companies offer charts to help you calculate how many porta potties you should rent.

People with disabilities

No matter if your public event is big or small, you need at least one handicap accessible porta potty. For large crowds, provide one handicap stall per 20 guests. Also, keep equity in mind while choosing porta potties. If you want luxury trailers, people with disabilities should receive access to them as well.

Alcohol and food services

When hosts provide adult beverages, they need to increase the porta potty rental by 20 percent. Alcohol causes people to use the restroom more frequently, which means your portable toilets will reach maximum capacity a lot faster. To avoid overfilling porta potties, tack a couple extra onto your rental agreement.

You’ll also need handwashing stations next to food vendors. Since outdoor events commonly serve food to guests, this will be an important part of the porta potty rental. A good rule of thumb is to provide one handwashing station per four portable toilets.

Construction sites

Construction site managers in Reading, PA use a different method for how to estimate their total necessary porta potty rental. Unlike events that last only a few hours, construction managers use the 40-hour work week to determine how many porta potties they need onsite. Generally, you’ll need one unit per 10 construction workers. The number of toilets goes up if your site requires two or three worker shifts in a day.

For assistance with calculating your porta potty rental, reach out to the professionals at Scotties Potties. We’ve helped countless people just like you make their outdoor events a success. Browse our customer reviews to learn why Scotties Potties is the preferred rental company in Reading, PA. A five-star experience is always our promise to you!

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