How Often Do You Need to Empty a Porta Potty at a Construction Site?

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Renting porta potties for a construction project is a must. However, renting and placing the portable toilets on site is only part of the process. Unless the construction project will only last a few days, you’ll also need to establish a cleaning schedule for the units.

Unless you’re in the portable toilet industry, you probably are unaware of how often you should empty a construction site porta potty in Reading, PA. Per Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines, the answer is at least once a week. Continue reading to learn more about porta potty cleaning and its importance.

What goes into cleaning a porta potty?

Thankfully, cleaning a porta potty involves much more than just emptying it out! Only doing the bare minimum would lead to some pretty unsanitary conditions after a short time. In addition to pumping waste from the porta potty, your technician will also clean the surfaces inside the unit, restock the toilet paper and fill the deodorizer.

For more information about cleaning practices and how often you should empty a porta potty in Reading, PA, talk to your porta potty rental company.

What are the dangers of maintenance negligence?

Turning a blind eye (or blind nose, in this case) to dirty porta potties is a major mistake. In addition to violating OSHA sanitary requirements, making construction workers use unsanitary porta potties can lead to some serious health risks. Workers could easily contract diseases like E. coli, which may lead to hospitalization.

Your construction crew is also bound to be pretty upset if you don’t schedule weekly maintenance for your porta potties. After all, nobody likes using a dirty or smelly bathroom. To ensure morale around the loo stays high, hire a cleaning company to come by your site each week!

Additionally, neglecting to empty and clean your portable toilets can result in some environmental repercussions. Leaking sewage water can wreak havoc on the surrounding vegetation and be devastating for any wildlife in the area. So, do your part for Mother Nature by scheduling weekly porta potty pumping and cleaning.

How many units do you need?

You know how often you should empty a construction site porta potty in Reading, PA. Now the question is, how many units do you need to rent for your construction project? Having too few porta potties on the job site could be just as bad for morale as not cleaning them often enough.

We recommend renting one unit per every 10 workers. Keeping that ratio for every construction project guarantees everyone has a safe and clean restroom to use while they’re on the job.

Rent your portable toilets today

Whether you need to rent one porta potty for a small construction crew or a few dozen for a larger project, be sure to rent them from Scotties Potties. On top of knowing how often porta potties should be emptied in Reading, PA, we only rent out the highest quality units that are sure to meet and exceed all of your needs. Reach out today to learn more.

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