Five Porta Potty Sanitation Tips

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If nothing else, the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly enhanced awareness of germ spread and the importance of disinfecting shared spaces. One area of danger, even if events remain outdoors, is porta potties. No one wants to use a dirty and stinky porta potty, and when left unmaintained, your portable toilets become a petri dish of germs and illness. More than ever, you need to know how to keep a porta potty clean. Here are five ways to clean a porta potty between guests in Reading, PA:

  • Rent enough of them: The primary reason porta potties become gross is that there are too few of them for the number of guests at your event. It’s better to estimate high than low—if your event can accommodate 300 guests, reserve enough bathrooms to cover 300, even if only 150 show up. Also, distribute porta potties around the site, so they are available in all high-traffic areas. For improved cleanliness, also reserve hand washing stations and baby changing stations. That equipment reduces waste accumulation in the toilets.
  • Provide hygiene products: You could have 10 porta potties for your event, but they will all be useless if you do not equip them with enough toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Watch porta potties to ensure they do not run out of supplies. Keep a case of toilet paper in your supply truck so you have it if a porta potty runs out before your vendor comes by to clean and restock. This strategy goes for handwashing stations, too—make sure they have enough paper towels, soap and garbage receptacles. Finally, consider providing additional hygiene products like feminine hygiene items and disinfectant wipes.
  • Inspect frequently: Assign staff members to check the toilets. When they do so, instruct them to wipe them down with disinfectant wipes and check for toilet paper and hand sanitizer. If any holding tanks fill up earlier than expected, close them rather than risk them overloading. Your vendor should empty holding tanks at least once a day. If you find porta potties need pumping earlier, call to schedule an additional visit.
  • Deodorize: Ask your vendor about a holding tank deodorizer and waste digester. This combination reduces odors and makes porta potties more tolerable. You do not have to put in excess labor to use these—you only need to drop a pod into the toilet. Another approach is to include air fresheners as part of the porta potty inspection performed by staff.
  • Hire professional services: Porta potties are a lot of work, and if you must order many of them, it can be overwhelming. When you rent porta potties, take advantage of the professional services that come with them. Besides emptying the holding tanks, your vendor will perform a deeper disinfecting clean and refill hand sanitizers and toilet paper. If you rent hand washing stations or diaper change stations, they also top off soap and paper towels and empty any garbage. Those services include the hard jobs, while your staff only needs to do the inspection and wipe down.

Scotties Potties knows how to keep a porta potty clean in Reading, PA. Our services include providing ways to clean a porta potty between guests, whether that means providing disinfectant systems or visiting on schedule to empty tanks. Call us today to reserve porta potty rentals or arrange for cleaning services.

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