Fun Facts About Porta Potties

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When you’re using a porta potty, you probably don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about how they function or the life cycle of a porta potty in Reading, PA, or any other fun facts relating to them. But when you stop to think about it, there’s a lot with porta potties that goes beyond what meets the eye!

Here’s a quick selection of some fun facts about porta potties that you might find interesting:

  • They’re environmentally friendly: Porta potties use significantly less water than standard restrooms, because they don’t flush water down the drain with every use. This makes then a more eco-friendly option than traditional toilets. Estimates state they use 90 percent less water than traditional toilets—think of how much that adds up over time!
  • They’re quite sanitary: One of the most common misconceptions about porta potties is that they are unsanitary. However, this simply isn’t true. Just because the smells of a portable toilet might be more obvious doesn’t make them unsanitary. They frequently feature amenities like portable handwashing stations, dispensable soap, hand sanitizer and more. Plus, they get cleaned and emptied regularly—depending on their usage, it could be as frequently as every night.
  • There’s a reason there’s blue liquid: If you’ve ever used a porta potty before, you’re almost certainly familiar with the blue liquid at the bottom of the tank. But did you know there’s a reason it’s blue? The dark blue tint in the deodorizing dye is designed to cover up any unpleasant sights you might otherwise see in the tank. The dye itself is also designed to kill off certain bacteria to help limit smells and create a more sanitary environment.
  • The technology is actually pretty new: While you might expect flushable toilets would be new because they involve more “advanced technology,” those flushing toilets were actually invented in 1596, and were common by 1851. Porta potties weren’t even a common sight in the United States until the mid-20th
  • Their popularity expanded during World War II: During wartime, companies needed to save time as much as possible. As shipyards began losing productivity due to frequency of restroom breaks, they began to construct portable toilets so their workers wouldn’t have to travel as far to use the restroom. This led to an increased spread of the use of portable toilets at work facilities around the country.
  • There is a lot of opportunity for luxury: One might not necessarily think of portable toilets as being a particularly luxurious option, but there are actually a variety of ways in which they can get pretty fancy. Restroom trailers, for example, can feature all the amenities of a standard restroom in a portable manner, including running water, electricity and air conditioning. There are also add-on features to more traditional portable toilets that can improve your experience.

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