How Portable Toilets Are Sanitized Between Rentals

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If you are planning to rent portable toilets for an event, construction site or any other reason in Reading, PA, you want to make sure you’re not going to be putting any guests who use them at risk. The coronavirus pandemic has caused many people to think more about sanitation than they used to. If you’re concerned about portable toilet sanitization and want to make sure any portable toilet company you rent from follows proper porta potty cleaning methods, here is everything you need to know about how portable toilets are kept clean and sanitized between rentals in Reading, PA.

Emptying rented porta potties

The first step of portable toilet sanitization between rentals is to evacuate the waste in each unit. This is accomplished by the use of a small pump that works like a vacuum hose to empty each tank.

Preparing porta potties for new rentals

After the tank of each unit is emptied and the porta potty is cleaned, the tank is filled with an odor controlling and disinfectant liquid. This stage of portable toilet sanitization is called “charging” the unit. The chemicals used in porta potties break down organic material, killing bacteria and viruses that may be in the tank and causing odor. If you plan to rent a porta potty for an extended period of time, it’s important that you work with a porta potty rental company in Reading, PA that empties and charges its units on a proper schedule to prevent the buildup of bacteria that cause odor.

Proper porta potty cleaning

After each unit is emptied and recharged, any good porta potty company will thoroughly clean the interior of every porta potty to make sure it stays up to snuff on proper portable toilet sanitization. The walls, floors, toilet seats, urinals, sinks and every surface should be washed and scrubbed to eliminate germs and bacteria.

Restocking supplies

The last step in porta potty cleaning between rentals is making sure each unit is properly stocked for new renters. Your portable toilets should all come complete with toilet paper, as well as hand sanitizer, soap and paper towels in units outfitted with handwashing stations.

Porta potties and COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has made everyone a little more concerned with sanitation and safety. Most companies have increased their sanitization efforts since the pandemic started, with more frequent porta potty cleanings. In some ways, using a portable toilet should actually be safer than using a brick-and-mortar public toilet, since portable toilets do not flush. If you’re worried about the coronavirus and plan to use a portable toilet, you can keep the lid open to reduce exposure and odor. Be sure to wash your hands!

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