Oh No! The Porta-Potty Tipped Over!

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Due to weather or misbehaving guests or trespassers, porta potty tipping is always a possibility. There are options for avoiding this, including staking them down or anchoring them to a telephone pole or structure, but it’s still important to know what to do when a porta potty is tipped in Reading, PA. Here are your first steps after a porta potty tips over:

  • Call your porta potty vendor: Even if you think you have this handled, chances are, you still need to let your vendor know what happened. Many of them have emergency services available, so all you have to do is wait for them to come and clean up the mess. If these services cost extra or the vendor cannot send out a truck right away, start taking mitigative action. That way, you can reduce the possible impacts of spilling waste on your site.
  • Stand it back up: If the holding tank is not full, you can likely push it back up. Solicit the help of other people, and make sure all of you wear gloves. Waste and the cleaning solutions in holding tanks can cause rashes and other symptoms. Push it up and have people on the other side to block it in case it nearly tips over again.
  • Hose it out: Your vendor may prefer you not do this, but if it is okay with them, start hosing out the interior of the porta potty. Keep your gloves on and be careful not to let any waste dry on the inside walls. If you have plant-safe disinfectants, use those to clean the porta potty thoroughly, and kill bacteria-based waste that leaked into the surrounding grass. However, if your vendor does not want you handling the mess, they’ll tell you what actions to take while you wait for them to arrive.
  • Consider swapping units: When your vendor arrives, take any offers to swap out the tipped unit for another cleaner one. It may cost you extra, but you can face legal damages if any of your guests develop illness from using your porta potties. When it comes to raw sewage, you are better safe than sorry, so if the vendor brings a new unit, take it.
  • Look into legal action: Porta potties tip easily in strong winds if they are not staked down and the holding tank is empty. But if the tip was due to prankster guests or trespassers, you may want to look into taking legal action. There are potential crimes involved if your land is poisoned by raw sewage or if someone was injured when the porta potty tipped. At the very least, this practical joke qualifies as vandalism. If you rented porta potties for a seasonal event, it may be worth your while to make an example of any offenders to keep this from happening again.

Scotties Potties offers porta potty rentals in Reading, PA, and yes—we know what to do when a porta potty is tipped. If you rent from us, finish these first steps after a porta potty tips over, and then call us. We will help set it right and help you disinfect the area. Call today to schedule your rentals.

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