Porta Potty Etiquette Tips

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You might think of etiquette as something for weddings, formal dinners and work emails, but being considerate and polite is useful in just about any situation. That goes double for when you need to use a porta potty. When nature calls, you—and everyone else at your event or work site—want a safe, clean place to do your business. It just makes sense that certain rules will apply. Here’s our guide to porta potty etiquette in Reading, PA.

Don’t be gross

Porta potties, when well maintained, are a safe and clean place to use the restroom. However, that cleanliness also depends on the people who use the restrooms. One of the reasons porta potties have such a bad rap is because of people who leave a major mess behind. If you don’t want to be greeted with an up-close-and-personal view of someone else’s intestinal contents, consider extending the same courtesy to others. Wipe down the seat after you’re done, properly dispose of toilet paper and hygiene products and avoid throwing trash into the toilet. In other words, don’t be gross—make an effort leave the restroom cleaner than you found it. Your fellow event-goers or coworkers will thank you.

Wait your turn

You’ve just chugged a bladder-busting fountain drink after sitting in the hot sun for hours. You head on over to the portable toilets and wait your turn—only to find a line jumper has taken your spot. That’s not only rude, but it’s also distressing for everyone who really has to go—now. Don’t be a line jumper. Consider going to the bathroom whenever the line is short, just so you don’t get into an emergency situation.

Don’t treat them as a hideaway

Even if there isn’t a long line for the restroom when you go in, avoid using porta potties as a hiding spot. Sure, they’re as good a place as any to duck your creepy neighbor or that ex you’re still not over (if you don’t mind being around human waste for protracted periods of time, that is), but it’s rude to hog the bathroom. This goes double if you’re at an especially crowded event. Make your escape and hiding plan as soon as you reach the venue so you aren’t tempted to take over a restroom.

Of course, if you’re someone who has a gastrointestinal disorder or ate a bad oyster, take your time. As long as you’re using the portable toilet for its intended purpose, no one can fault you for taking a little longer.

Keep kids and horseplay far away

Finally, portable toilets are not playground equipment. Although your children (or large adult children) might think it’s funny to run and play around the porta potties, they should be kept far away. Most importantly, do not encourage anyone to tip them—that could seriously injure anyone inside. Plus, it’s highly unsanitary.

Now that you know the ins and outs of using a porta potty in Reading, PA, call Scotties Potties to rent your own!

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