Maintaining Your Porta Potty in Bad Weather

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Bad weather can cause major problems for porta potties. Cold weather can cause water in the porta potty to freeze, and heavy winds could blow it over. That’s why it’s important to prepare your portable toilet for all different types of weather conditions. This might include properly securing the portable toilet frame or investing in a tent to protect against the Reading, PA rain and snow. Practicing proper safety and maintenance techniques will ensure your employees or guests are comfortable each time they use the toilet.

Preparing for warm weather

Porta potty use goes up when the weather is nice. This is because there are many fun events held during the summer that require portable toilets. Those doing construction during the warmer months often utilize portable toilets as well. Even though the weather is usually nicer during the spring and summer in Reading, PA, it’s still important to properly prepare your portable toilet for rain and other unpleasant conditions.

The high temperatures of spring and summer can make the inside of a portable toilet unbearable if it isn’t properly ventilated. Be sure any products you’re considering have a good ventilation system. It’s also a good idea to keep the porta potty out of direct sunlight, as this helps lower the interior temperature and cut back on any smells.

Avoiding accidents during high wind

Strong winds are sometimes an issue when it comes to porta potties. The units can tip over or even launch into the air when caught in especially strong winds. This is why it’s important to always properly secure the portable toilet with framing or through other measures in Reading, PA.

If the winds are extremely strong, you’ll want to bring the porta potty inside or secure it to a large piece of machinery. Some people also place heavy objects inside their porty potty to prevent it from tipping. If you do this, be sure to avoid using items that will damage the interior of the unit.

Don’t let cold weather damage your toilet

Freezing is sometimes a problem with porta potties during the colder months. If your holding tank freezes, it might experience cracks or other damage. Ice can also build up in your porta potties during the winter months, making them much harder to clean and sanitize. These are usually only issues if your porta potties are left out for long periods of time in freezing temperatures.

If you plan on using your porta potty throughout the winter months, consider having a heating system installed. These heating systems might cost a little extra, but they’ll help prevent long-term damage to your portable toilet and make them more comfortable to use.

Rain and snow

All types of precipitation could leak into your porta potty when it’s not properly covered. Leaks in your porta potty’s roof are not only annoying, but also dangerous, as they can cause guests or employees to slip. Investing in a tent to go over your porta potty is one of the best ways to prevent roof leaks.

Keeping your porta potty properly secured is important, but it’s also essential that you know how to stay safe in bad Reading, PA weather. Stay informed of local weather and be sure you always have the right gear.

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